March 05, 2015

Administrative Experience

This is a version of the final writing assignment from my completed administrative program.

Professional Gains
The time I spent with the high school principal  and  middle school principal shined a bright light on the function of public school administration. They invited me into their offices and escorted me through a world of challenges and support opportunities at multiple levels. My ideal of administration received a reality check. Now I feel prepared and enlightened. I am ready to turn the page and open the next chapter of my career in education.

Leadership Learning
Build relationships
The Superintendent emphasized the importance of working with all stakeholders from all groups. She stressed the value of communication with and gathering support from all individuals involved in education at the local level. I learned the value of successful communication in diverse settings.

Solve Problems
She also explained that 95% of her job was solving problems that she didn’t know existed until she faced them. Both principals echoed her statement. I learned that effective administrators respond to the wide range of needs both expressed and sometimes unknown by those they support.

Think Innovatively
I learned the importance of staying current on research, and thinking “outside of the box.” It is crucial that the educational leader be well prepared to build the essential relationships and solve the emerging problems they encounter. The principal can’t have all of the answers. What they can have is a strategy to marshal the required resources to guide their campus towards success.

Improved Instruction
My two highest rated assets on the LCAS survey were, “Helps people develop their abilities,” and, “Encourages new ideas.” I believe that the impact of applying these two assets to my work improved the quality of classroom instruction. Working with CTE department teachers, I promoted the development of new curriculum aligned to the CCSS. I also advised and provided individual guidance to these teachers that helped improve their pedagogy. In addition, I built the foundations for new programs that help students develop their talents and encouraged them to express new ideas.

Evolving Attitudes
My two highest rated opportunities for growth were, “Manages conflict skillfully,” and, “Confronts others skillfully.” I developed these two areas by building improved relationships with administrators and other teachers. I changed my approach to many educational issues from individualism to collectivism. I believe that the impact of these changes elevated my personal maturity and educational acumen. As a result, I was more effective in my leadership roles in school programs.

Strengthened Leadership
My personal strengths themes included: Input, Connectedness, Learner, Achiever, and Arranger. I believe the impact of my strength themes on the school programs was to complement the administrative team. Working throughout the program in a quasi-administrative intern-like role, I was able to contribute to the efforts of the administrative team by taking on projects that supported their leadership agenda. Serving as a teacher-liaison, I was able to effectively bridge the gap and make connections between teachers and administrators. I was also able to provide input and feedback from my unique perspective as a veteran teacher pursing an administrative position.

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