March 15, 2015

Administrative Application?

I am deep into the administrative application process. I have answered essay questions, listed my references, and uploaded my transcripts many, many times so far. My goal is to apply to 12 districts in 6 states before April 1. I’ve finished 6 applications for 9 jobs, so I’m well on my way. Each application process is a little bit different. Sometimes I luck out and can import my basic data from other applications or profiles. Most of the times I have to start from scratch. I’m glad that there is a vetting process; I just wish it wasn’t so repetitive.

Each time I respond to an essay question, or write out my personal statement, I feel compelled to answer the prompt, and I do. But I always feel like I’m leaving something out. How do I share my passion for education in 300 words or less? I’ve written 150 so far right here! I’ve published over 100 essays and articles and even a book. How do I zip everything I love about teaching and learning into a one-shot essay that is scanned next to a pool of other applicants? How do I stand out and share what I’m all about?

Let me try:

I am an educator. I teach people how to learn. When I work with a student in a classroom on an assignment, I serve as an instrument that actively changes their life. Their life! I guide and shape and mold and lead and engage and push my students to grow not only in their relationship to the subject matter, but also as people who will change the world. There is no better, more rewarding, or more exciting job on the planet. (Well, maybe obstetrician.) But a doctor only passes the ball; teachers take it to the house.

I make a daily effort to improve the people in my family, my classroom, and other areas of my life. I focus on being a positive force that encourages people by showing them how smart, capable and able they are to do anything they choose. I firmly believe that we are all unique creations gifted with talent and purpose. I think many people miss that. We all need someone to challenge us so that we can discover for ourselves just how powerful and successful we can be. That’s what educators do for their students each and everyday in the classroom.

I want to be an administrator so that I can encourage not only the students in one classroom, but also all the students on campus, along with all of the teachers, support staff, parents, volunteers, walk-on coaches, and anyone else involved. Imagine a campus where collaboration was a fundamental strategy for instruction. The whole staff working together to improve the lives of all of the students. Student success in the classroom was contagious and continued throughout their lives after commencement. It’s possible. It’s what’s best for kids. We can do it all together. I am so ready to get started!

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