December 22, 2014

A Quiet Voice?

I wrote more this year than any before; mostly quietly (and not here). I wrote a third screenplay to add to my two previously completed efforts. You can read about them here: My first completed screenplay was recognized as an Official Finalist in the Thriller category of the Hollywood Screenplay Contest. That was fun. I am also blogging for my church and cross posting here:

But most of my writing in 2014 was in pursuit of my administrative credential. Yes, finally. I submitted my case study today. It's on Teaming. Message me if you want to read it. I haven't posted the endless words recorded in that effort because not all of them were inspired or inspiring. Maybe, when I'm finished, I'll look back and post some highlights. In 2015 I will pursue an administrative position, most likely outside of California. Let me know if your district is hiring.

I am encouraged to see my cyber writer friends John SpencerMatt Harmless and Kelly Tenkely continue to post regularly. I'm sure there are many fresh voices out there I haven't discovered yet.

Perhaps a change of blog title may soon be appropriate.